7 Tips For Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the ideal way to put your (local) store/business online on the map (read: Google Maps). The tool gives you the opportunity to present the broad lines of your company to a large audience and to become more findable locally, mainly in your own environment.

In a fraction of a second, potential customers see your company name, logo, location, website, contact details, specialty, and opening hours. In addition, customers can leave reviews with which you can ‘prove’ the quality of your services.

In short: Google My Business is an ideal tool to make your company or shop more visible locally. In this article, we tell you more and we give you 6 tips for Google my business.

Business card

Your Google My Business Page is therefore the digital business card of your company. The page is displayed in the knowledge panel. This is the white right column you will find next to the search results. Whether and how it is displayed in the knowledge panel depends on the relevant one

ie, awareness of your company and the distance between your company and the location of the viewfinder. Is your company the best match for the searcher’s search? Then there is a good chance that your website will get that coveted place in the knowledge window. Then customers can easily click on the route description to your company or contact you.

Locally easier to find in Google

Google My Business ensures that you become more findable in Google and is part of SEO. This tool is mainly conducive to local findability because your website is more prominent in the local search results. For example, if a searcher searches by company name, or for local relevant searches.

Imagine you are standing in a street with a flat tire. Annoying! Fortunately, you can use Google

Maps easily see which bicycle repair shop is nearby when you search on ‘bicycle repair shop [place name or neighborhood]. You can also immediately see the opening times and experiences of others. Before you know it, you are standing with your bicycle at a bicycle repair shop nearby and your tire is stuck.

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7 tips for an optimal GMB

But what should you pay attention to with your GMB? We would like to list the 7 most important points for you:

  • Tip # 1: Get complete information. So fill in all the fields you can fill in. This will ensure that Google takes your business more seriously, which will improve your position in the search engine
  • Tip # 2: Use photo quality a good impression of you and your display case. Photos are often viewed and can, therefore, be an important part of a potential customer’s consideration.
  • Tip # 3: Encourage customers to post a review on your GMB page or buy Google reviews. The average number of reviews and stars determines for Google how well you do your work compared to competitors.
  • Tip # 4: Respond as much as possible to reviews you receive, both positive and negative. Google considers its visitors of paramount importance and if you demonstrate that you take every response seriously, Google will also take you seriously.
  • Tip # 5: Keep updating. Google checks your topicality, so make sure the information on your GMB page is current. Also regularly post new photos and posts. And have you integrated a virtual tour? Then you score extra points anyway.
  • Tip # 6: Make the most of the functionalities. Google offers a handful of interesting options. For example, you can let users make an appointment, display a menu, or show an overview of your services.
  • Tip # 7: Google is constantly updating itself. So keep a close eye on whether there are new possibilities and make use of them immediately. This has a positive influence on your entire online findability, quality, and results in Google.

Don’t miss out on opportunities

A good Google My Business page can be very valuable for your business, especially locally. As an SEO specialist, we are happy to help you. Do you want to know more about GMB or search engine optimization? Get in touch with us for more information. Our internet marketing advisors are happy to help you.

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